Business Management Degree

Our Business Management degree is designed to:

  • Give the adult student a Biblical foundation with additional emphasis in organizational and business oversight
  • Explore ethical and moral decisions faced by leaders in today’s Global marketplace
  • Allow you to study under experienced professors instructing you in the spectrum of business fields: accounting, economics, management, marketing, and technology.
  • Develop decision making skills, build a strong ethical foundation, and enhance management skills

Graduates of this fully accredited program have gone on to provide leadership in the private sector and some have also pursued their MBAs.

CALL, BS in Business Management (120 Hours)
*Prerequisite courses required for degree; previous credit cannot be transferred in.
**Students earning less than 80 on the Accuplacer exam must take MATH 110 Problem Solving and Number Systems (or transfer in its equivalent)

Biblical & Theological Studies (18 hours)
BSOT 100 Intro to the Old Testament (3 hrs)
BSNT 100 Intro to the New Testament (3 hrs)
BSEG 100 Intro to Biblical Interpretation (3 hrs)
BSNT 210 Basic Bible Doctrines (3 hrs)
BSNT 220 Introduction to the Gospels (3 hrs)
BSOT 250 Old Testament History (3 hrs)

Arts and Sciences (39 hrs)
UNIV 110 Attitudes and Strategies for Life* (3 hrs)
ENGL 115 College Writing* (3 hrs)
ENGL 116 Research and Writing* (3 hrs)
SPCH 110 Public Speaking (3 hrs)
PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology (3 hrs)
BUSN 120 Microeconomics (3 hrs)
MATH 240 Statistics** (3 hrs)
HIST 230 History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)
PHIL 250 Business Ethics (3 hrs)
Humanities Course (3 hrs)
Natural Science Course (3 hrs)
History Course (3 hrs)
Literature Course (3 hrs)

Professional Core (39)
BUSN 130 Macroecomics (3 hrs)
BUSN 210 Managing and Leading Organizations (3 hrs)
ACCT 210 Accounting I (3 hrs)
ACCT 220 Accounting II (3 hrs)
BUSN 250 Research for Business (3 hrs)
BUSN 235 Business Applications (3 hrs)
BUSN 240 Finance for Managers (3 hrs)
ENTR 210 Intro to Entrepreneurship (3 hrs)
BUSN 310 Marketing (3 hrs)
BUSN 320 Human Resource Management (3 hrs)
BUSN 330Business Communication (3 hrs)
BUSN 410 Strategic Management (3 hrs)
BUSN 230 Management of Info Technology (3 hrs)
Open Courses (24 hours)