Christian Ministry Degree

Our Christian Ministry degree is designed to:

  • Give the adult student a strong Biblical foundation with additional emphasis in various styles and forms of leadership in ministry
  • Provide practical applications in the areas of leadership and Christian worldview
  • Allow you to study under experienced faculty instructing you in Ministry, Theology, Programming Strategies and more
  • Increase your Biblical knowledge, develop your Ministry skills, and align with God’s purpose.

Graduates of this fully accredited program have gone on to serve in churches and non-profits throughout the region, in the areas of preaching, youth, childrens and worship ministries, and leadership.


CALL, BS in Christian Ministries (120 hours)
*Prerequisite courses required for degree; previous credit cannot be transferred in.

Biblical & Theological Studies (30 hours)
Bible Survey (3 hrs)
History & Literature of Israel (3 hrs)
Jesus & the Church (3 hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3 hrs)*
Christian Ethics (3 hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (3 hrs)
Christian Worldview (3 hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3 hrs)
Biblical Studies Courses (6 hrs)

Arts & Sciences (39 hours)
Attitudes & Strategies for Life (3 hrs)*
College Writing (3 hrs)*
Research & Writing (3 hrs)*
Literature (3 hrs)
History (3 hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)
Math for Business (3 hrs)
Introduction to Psychology (3 hrs)*
Behavioral Science (3 hrs)
Natural Science (3 hrs)
Public Speaking (3 hrs)*
Humanities electives in ENGL, PHIL, HIST, or related fields (6 hrs)

Professional Core (30 hours)
Introduction to Ministry (3 hrs)*
Leadership (3 hrs)
Counseling Principles (3 hrs)
Biblical Preaching & Teaching (3 hrs)
Teams & the Work Process (3 hrs)
Introduction to Organizational Finance (3 hrs)
Strategic Planning & Decision Making (3 hrs)
Leading Change (3 hrs)
Field Experience (3 hrs)
Ministry Course (3 hrs)
Open Courses (21 hours)