Distinctively CCU

Your choice to study with the Center of Adult Learning and Leadership will introduce you to an educational experience unlike any other.

A faith-active education.
Most adults seeking to complete a college degree are looking for something more than just a diploma. CCU provides an opportunity for adult students to experience quality academics in an atmosphere of faith. All CALL students, regardless of their major, enroll in biblical and theological courses. Our graduates are equipped to engage an ever-changing world with a foundation of faith.

An urban experience with limitless possibilities.
Both CCU’s main campus and the Tri-County extension address the daily realities of city-life. CALL students are a multicultural student body, with diversity in relation to gender, race, and denominational background. It is this variety which enables our students to interact with new perspectives. You will see the world differently. We desire to produce graduates who will transform the city of Cincinnati through the boardroom, through their communities, and through the church.

A hands-on, personal approach to education.
CCU produces students with a higher purpose. Not only are students held to high academic standards, they are prepared to change the world for Christ. You will develop relationships with your professors that will illuminate the many opportunities currently available to you. You will develop friendships with classmates that will encourage you to achieve even greater things. And you will cultivate the passion within you to become the leader you need to be for the Kingdom of God. CCU prepares students for a life of glorifying the Lord with their talents.