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Since 1924, thousands of men and women have attended Cincinnati Christian University and consider CCU home. The Alumni Association exists to provide CCU Alumni opportunities to engage and support their alma mater. Shelley Weiss is the Manager of Alumni Relations. Quentin Davis is the Alumni Association President.

Rine Hall Update

Due to safety concerns, Rine Hall was razed in July 2014. Our new plan is to build a new dormitory. The building will likely include a student center and will double the housing of the current structure, better meeting our long-term needs. Please know that:

• CCU will continue to honor the memory of our beloved alum Phyllis Rine by naming the newly constructed dorm building in her honor.

• All previous gifts made to this campaign will still be used for the original purpose: to honor the legacy of Phyllis Rine by providing female students a quality living environment.

• The plans for the new structure have not been finalized as of yet, but as soon as this information is available, we will share it with you.

•  All historical artifacts from the building have been archived and will be re-purposed appropriately.

A video of the razing of the building can be viewed here.

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News of Alumni

  • Alta Martin(Class of ‘38) is doing well at almost 98 years of age. She is living in Norman, OK, and enjoys her many family members and friends there. She follows with interest all that is going on at CCU.
  • Vicki Martin Reynolds(Class of ‘73) just retired from her Marriage and Family Practice. She has 3 sons, 9 grandchildren and is moving to Norman, OK. Where her husband got a new position at the University of Oklahoma.
  • AndrewCarly (Hartman – Classes of ‘10 & ‘13) Nagel gave birth to a daughter, Saylor, in March.
  • MikeKim (AzcarragaFightmaster (both Class of ‘08) gave birth to a daughter in March. Remy joins her big brother Leo.
  • Tyler(Class of ‘12) & Lindsay (Faull – Class of ‘10) McKenzie gave birth to their first child in February. His name is Palmer.
  • TristanBrooklyn (BauereisHess (both Attd 2000s) gave birth to Levi in February.
  • Kyle (Class of ‘08) & Megan (Johnston– Class of 2014) Cannon gave birth to triplets in January. They named their daughters Ellie, Ruthie, and Libby.
  • Matt(Class of ‘03) & Alanna Coffey gave birth to a daughter in January. Rosie joins her brother Malcom.
  • Mark& Amy (Horwath – Attd 2000s) Roberts gave birth to Scarlett in January.
  • Caleb Baumgardner(Class of ‘13) married Amanda in December.
  • Eric(Class of ’08) & Tiffany (Class of ’09) Stoner gave birth to a son named Jonah in November.
  • Corey(attd 2000s) & Kenzi Weiss gave birth to a daughter and named her Charlotte in November.
  • Craig(Class of ’11 & ’13) & Shelby Shady gave birth to a daughter in November. They named her Claire.
  • Isaiah(Class of ’14) & Janel McKinney gave birth to a son named PJ in October.
  • Zachary(Class of 2009) & Tess (Hoopes – Class of 2004) Fox gave birth to a son and named him Eli. He joined in October.
  • BrockAllie Heitkamp (both Class of ’10) gave birth to a son and named him Oliver in October.
  • JacobStephanie (Hunter – Class of ’09) Herald gave birth to a son in September and named him Jackson.

Would you like to share information about what is going on in your life as a former student at CCU?
Please contact us at with news you would like to share with other CCU Alumni.