An Eagle in Paris

April 7, 2015

At Cincinnati Christian University, we prepare students to, “Enter the World with Confidence.” Interestingly enough, one CCU junior is taking that statement literally.

Josh Moore is spending this semester living with a family in Paris and studying at the renowned, Université Sorbonne. Through a study abroad program, Josh is taking his first steps in pursuing advanced studies in linguistics and philosophy. It is an immersive environment; he spent the previous summer studying French as all of his classes are taught in the native language.

The challenge of taking classes in a secondary language is not lost on Josh. “With each conversation, you’re forced to exert an amazing amount of focus. Not only do you need to pay attention to the actual words the other person is saying, but you also must interpret it and immediately formulate a response.”

In between classes, Josh embraced the opportunity to explore numerous European cultural experiences. “I have journeyed to London, mounted the Eiffel Tower (despite my steadfast fear of heights), walked across Abbey Road, watched the sunset at the Seine, and given long responses on why the coffee I received is not the coffee I ordered.”

The challenges have been truly rewarding, and Josh gives thanks to the Lord’s grace and mercy for this remarkable opportunity. Even though he is immersed in French language and culture, his grasp of linguistics is growing daily; it’s clearly evident in his reflections in his own language. When asked to summarize the lessons he learned in his trip abroad, Josh responded in a manner befitting of one studying linguistics:

“Awareness is the consistent strenuous mindset that necessitates willful involvement with the world’s circumnavigating axis. You don’t need to breech the gargantuan expanse on a metal contraption with wings to permit a vestigial moment of undisturbed attention, a moment to learn what it is to love, because the tranquil yet mystified expanse lays dormant in each of us. It isn’t a aqueous bridge that separates America and Europe. I hope that each individual perusing the experiences noted in brevity through this medium will have an enthralling day waging the ancient war with humanity’s rapacious abulic thrusts.”

Pictured above: Josh Moore with some grumpy lady at the Louvre.

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