Apologetics Seminar Tackles Tough Issues

March 23, 2015

As Christianity grows in the midst of an ever-changing culture, it will be critical that believers learn to express the foundations of their faith in a more articulate manner. It was this fact that inspired CCU to host the Room For Doubt Seminar this past weekend. CCU Old Testament Professor Dan Dyke was joined by Dr. Hugh Henry, Physics Professor at Northern Kentucky University, and Dr. Richard Knopp, Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University in this two-day presentation.

The three educators grappled with issues such as cosmology (the origins of the universe) as well as theodicy (why a good God would permit evil in the world). The conversation engaged pervasive scientific thought, while providing a thoughtful Christian response to issues that tend to provoke doubt. Attendees benefited from the opportunity to talk to the presenters and further discuss the issues at hand.

This Room for Doubt Seminar was the first of many as a means of providing valuable content to our alumni and friends. President Ken Tracy, who opened the Seminar, remarked, “not only are we interested in preparing the next generation of Christian leaders to defend their faith in the public realm, we also want to be a resource for all Christian leaders longing to learn more about their beliefs so they can do the work of the kingdom.”

Session One: The Big Picture: Reason for Hope with Dr. Richard Knopp
Session Two: Christianity and Other Worldviews with Dr. Richard Knopp
Session Three: Doubts Because Of Science with Dr. Richard Knopp
Session Four: Genesis and Time: 6 days and 13.8 Billion Years with Dr. Hugh Henry
Session Five: “Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Deal Justly” with Professor Dan Dyke
Session Six: Doubts Because of Evil with Dr. Richard Knopp

Pictured below:
Dan Dyke, Ken Tracy, Hugh Henry, Richard Knopp


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