CCU Continues To Serve Our Community

This year, 37 groups comprised of over 200 students, staff, and faculty participated in our annual Community Service Day. Groups from CCU reached out to many local organizations including the Salvation Army, homeless missions, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, churches, nursing homes, local schools, and BLOC ministry sites. The city of Cincinnati weren’t the only beneficiaries as the students themselves were impacted.

  • Maggie McMullen, sophomore, said, “we had a lot of fun! It was really nice to hang out with the elderly all day.”
  • Freshman Eddie Hoffa observed, “it was tiring but I liked getting to work with my small group.”
  • Seth Shipman, junior, reflected, “it was nice to have the extra man-power to get stuff done that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get done because of time constraints and limited volunteers.”
  • Freshman Abby Odachowski stated, “It was encouraging to see students helping out, people getting more interactions than normal.”
  • And senior Matt Sweasy summarized the day by saying, “It’s a constant reminder to me at this point in life that my service for the Kingdom of God doesn’t just end here but it’s a mentality every day to lend a keen ear to His calling in service to those who need it.”

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Tabitha Borton and Andrew Springsteen contributed to this post.

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