CCU Student Visits Selma




March 23, 2015

During his Spring Break, CCU education major Jordan Payne experienced history firsthand. He accompanied a church group to Selma, Alabama for the fiftieth anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” march. The event marked an unforgettable moment in U.S. history, when a peaceful march for voting rights turned violent. When Civil Rights protestors crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March 7, 1965, they were met by Alabama State troopers who attacked them. The brutality of the day led President Lyndon Johnson to immediately submit a voting rights bill to congress.

Jordan appreciated the opportunity to see the impact that Selma had on the civil rights movement. While there, he had the opportunity to meet many national figures. Pictured above, he was able to speak with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Georgia Representative John Lewis (leader of the Bloody Sunday march) and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

In describing this experience, Jordan recalls, “I got to see President Obama give an excellent speech on the importance of remembering the sacrifice of those before us and continuing our own march. I was able to meet many unique and intellectual African-Americans with whom I share a mutual passion—breaking barriers of racial stereotypes.”

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