Career Counseling

Career counseling is a professional service provided by the Cincinnati Christian University Counseling Center staff. Although many consider career counseling to be a one-time activity, it is truly an involved process that is very similar to other forms of counseling. Career counseling assists an individual in exploring interests, personal strengths and developing areas, values, personality, and temperament. Other areas of exploration can be lifestyle expectations, self-efficacy, decision-making processes, personal responsibility skills, family values and beliefs, family expectations, etc. Career counseling involves much more than simply finding a job; career counseling involves self-assessment, reflection, and consideration to determine a satisfactory career path that addresses an individual’s needs and expectations, as well as provides sufficient job and personal satisfaction.

Individuals interested in seeking career counseling services are encouraged to contact the CCU Counseling Center to arrange an appointment.


Career counseling services provided by the CCU Counseling Center include the following:

  • Interest exploration and assessment
  • Values exploration and assessment
  • Personality/temperament assessment
  • Self-efficacy exploration and assessment
  • Career/occupation exploration
  • Family career exploration / Career Genogram
  • Building a résumé or curriculum vitæ
  • Writing cover letters
  • Preparing for interviews