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Pursuit 2017

July 16 - July 23



Hello there! We are glad you stumbled on this page!


This is the webpage home for Pursuit: A summer worship experience for High School students entering and exiting 9th-12th grades.  The event takes place on the campus of Cincinnati Christian University from July 16th to July 23rd.


If you’ve already been introduced to what Pursuit is and are looking for the audition and application form, go ahead and skip to the bottom of the page for the link.  If you’re wondering what Pursuit is and why you should join us for this incredible event, keep reading. 


The heart behind Pursuit is simple: We want to help people become who God wants them to become so they can do what He wants them to do.  We believe that at the basis of everything we are, our very existence is for the singular purpose of worshiping God.  With every breath, every thought, and every action we are reflecting the glory of an incredible God that loves us, cares for us, and is so passionate about our hearts with Him.  If we believe that is true, then our core identity is that of a worshiper. We were created to worship and bring glory to God.


We are so passionate about teaching people their identity as worshipers so that whatever may flow from their hearts through Christ will be incredibly impactful for His Kingdom.  There are so many amazing voices of encouragement pouring into the excellence factor of creative elements of worship, and rightfully so!  But, without a true heart of worship being the unshakeable foundation of a craft, our songs, designs, and gifts are just noise, artwork, and purposeless striving.  We want to take a step back and begin again: to help the next generation of worshipers pursue the heart of God above all else.


Pursuit is a fancy word for “quest.” It means to seek after something with everything you have. It’s more than a desire, it’s a breath-taking, all-in act of chasing after something, or someone, until you have taken hold of it.  In the case of this event, we want to teach and disciple people the pursuit of a true heart of worship that reflects God’s own heart in us.  You will hear us say this quite often at the event: “In the Kingdom of God, our hearts matter first before all else. Our artistry, or craft, will always play a supportive role to the state of our hearts before God.”  


Our heart is to grow, equip, and disciple students during this week-long event for the purpose of the local church.  This event is designed to better equip students desiring to, or already are, serving in their local churches through a creative outlet. We guarantee this is not an experience that you want to miss!  Now on to the important details.

Students entering and exiting 9th-12th grades are invited to apply for this event.
We encourage student worship bands/production teams to apply together in order to work together for the entirety of the event.  As we said before, Pursuit is designed for the purpose of the local church. Because of that vision, we want to take already formed teams that serve in their youth groups and allow them to work together throughout the week. At the end of the week, teams will be sent back to their local churches to lead their congregations in worship. 
Don’t have a youth band or team to apply with? No problem! When you apply as an individual, we will place you with a team for the week here, as well as send those teams to local churches to lead a Sunday morning!


We are asking each church that sends a team to Pursuit to send an adult leader involved in either worship ministry or youth ministry as well.  We don’t want the fun, learning, and discipleship to end when Pursuit ends. That’s why we are asking a youth leader to be a part of the event with the team so they can help take what is learned at Pursuit back to their local churches to serve better!


Cost for the event is $249 per student for the entire week.  This cost covers all meals, travel, and group outings!  CCU is located right in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio and offers a ton of fun sights to see.  We want to give students a chance to check out some cool things in the area throughout the week and build community with the other teams that will be at the event! This cost also includes a Pursuit T-shirt and some other surprise Pursuit merch.  Scholarships are available upon request, so please do not let cost hinder you from the event!


Any Pursuit student that attends CCU as a student receives scholarship towards their tuition as a student. More details on this are provided after the Pursuit event.

We really hope to see you at the event this year! Click here  to be redirected to the audition and application form.

Pursuit Audition Process

Pursuit Application

See you this summer!

For any questions, or to request scholarship to the event, please email matt.sweasy@ccuniversity.edu.



July 16
July 23


Cincinnati Christian University
2700 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45204 United States
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