Five Baptized During Student Worship

April 7, 2015

Though Cincinnati Christian University is still firmly entrenched in the Restoration Movement, we have more students than ever who attend CCU from outside this fellowship. This shift continues to present wonderful opportunities for our students to grapple with Scriptures and what it means to be obedient to the Bible. This was evidenced on campus recently as the Spirit was moving among our students.

The midweek student-led Family service has long been a pillar of spiritual development at CCU. On March 25th, freshman Reed Smith was the evening’s speaker and felt led to call his fellow students to make public decisions of their faith. Reed wasn’t interested in coercing people by spiritual manipulation, rather was hopefully that the call would be the first step of a new walk with Christ. He observed, “the road to discipleship is not an easy one, but here at CCU we can rely on one another for strength as we collectively rely on our perfect Savior for salvation!”

As Reed stood in the baptistry in the chapel for almost an hour, 29 people came forward altogether. Twenty-four of them rededicated themselves to their walk with the Lord and five students were baptized. Senior Roger Bishop saw this as an act of pure humility as many students pursuing training in spiritual leadership might be embarrassed to make such bold public moves. Roger reflected on the evening saying, “We’re all broken and hurting. We’re trying hard to figure out and strive after what God wants from us. We still get beat down by the stresses and doubts of this world that tell us ‘You’re too broken and flawed to be used by God.’ We’re all overjoyed to see CCU students publicly accept Reed’s challenge to lay down the burdens that we carry every day in our spiritual backpacks and rely on Jesus.”

Cincinnati Christian University is a place where life transformation is real.

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