Future Impact

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Cincinnati Christian University invites all students interested in a teaching career to join us for the 2017 Education Symposium, “Future Impact”, on Thursday, January 12, 2017. The Education Symposium will be an uplifting, fun half-day experience for high school students interested in education and learning. The faculty, staff, and students at Cincinnati Christian University are thrilled to be hosting local high school students and teachers on our campus. You will be motivated and encouraged by motivational speakers Danny Ciamarra and Nick Jackson. They will inspire you as a future educator, challenge you to think out of the box and encourage you to go out into the world and make a positive future impact. Join Danny and Nick as they use fun, energetic, hands-on teaching techniques to inspire you as a future teacher to go out into the education community and make a positive difference in the life of a child or young adult.



Dr. Danny Ciamarra is a proud husband and father of three fat Italian babies. Co-founder of the Speak Love Movement. Coowner of Bold Victories, LLC. A passionate man who frees others from the bondage of addiction and hopelessness. A ferocious lover of all people. The skinny Italian hug-champion. Five-time award winning professor and teacher. Leader of leaders and teacher of teachers. America’s premier educational and motivational speaking FORCE!


Mr. Nick Jackson is the proud owner and creator of Nickjacksonspeaks.com. Face and voice of the SpeakLove movement. The initial inspiration behind the BOLD Character education curriculum and the chief servant behind Turkeycuts Salon. Proud warrior for the hopeless, homeless and those that just hope-less. Stands in as a father to the lonely and fire starter for the forgotten. A firm believer that families, communities, and nations can change. A motivated believer that inspires people through stories.

REGISTER HERE:future_impact_registration