Online Options

Cincinnati Bible Seminary now provides you the opportunity to hone your ministry skills online. Student get the best of both worlds by taking several hybrid classes where they will receive most of their instruction online, but have a time of face to face instruction with the professor. Other classes are entirely online.

We offer a generous selection of online/hybrid course within our Seminary, including the following courses:

Fall Semester 2013
TTH 570 The Church (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 502 Spiritual Formation (3 hours Hybrid)
GHI 530 History of the Restoration Movement (3 hours Online)

Spring Semester 2014
TTH 560 Doctrine of Grace (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 560 Characteristics of a Healthy Church (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 792 ECL or SLE (3 hours Experiential)

Fall Semester 2014
PMN 540 Leadership and Management for Ministry (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 570 Evangelism: Lifestyle of a Church (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 648 Pastoral Epistles (3 hours Online)

Spring Semester 2015
PMN 652 Seminar in Leadership (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 520 Fundamentals of Biblical Communication (3 hours Hybrid)
PMN 593 SLE or ECLE (3 hours Experiential)

Offered regularly
Elective Bible Course (3 hours Online)
TTH 500 Basic Theology (3 hours Online)
BLA 500 Introduction to Biblical Language Tools (3 hours Online)
BEX 500 Foundations of Biblical Exegesis (3 hours Online)
BCS 500 Lands and Lifeways of the Biblical World (3 hours Online)
Elective Language Tools follow up course (3 hours Online)

For more information, contact Alex Eddy or Mike Shannon in the Seminary Office or call (513) 244-8426.