The following degree programs are offered within the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
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Application deadlines: March 1 (Fall), October 1 (Spring)
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B.S., A.A.
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Psychology Minor
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B.S. (any degree program)
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Education in the United States is designed to modify human behavior through a prescribed program of experiences aimed at helping the student to realize his/her potential, engage in satisfying human relationships, manage his/her affairs, and develop a set of meaningful values. Ethnic and cultural trends are taken into account in order to provide a satisfying and usable education for all students. It is hoped that this emphasis on uniqueness transfers to our students and enables them to better serve within their chosen ministry. In order to prepare competent professionals, the faculty, through a program of planned educational experiences, attempts to develop in each graduate:

  • Respect for the dignity and worth of the individual
  • Commitment to the fulfillment of human potential
  • Maturity in self and faith development
  • An understanding of educational processes
  • Knowledge in her/her particular field of endeavor
  • Competence in the application of professional expertise
  • Knowledge of the role and function of related professionals