Psychology Minor


The purpose of the 21-hour Psychology Minor is to prepare students for the world of work and ministry, especially as it relates to service in the helping professions. Graduates will live according to the Biblical principles as they seek to work in the world and in the church, as well as considering human behavior from a Biblical/Christian perspective, developing an appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual, and a desire to serve others.

Students who successfully complete the Psychology Minor will develop the following competencies: (1) Develop competency in their chosen vocational field and use those in their workplace; (2) Make a positive contribution to the workplace, the community, and the church; and (3) Communicate effectively to the people in their workplace, community and church.


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Course Offerings (Psychology)

Psychology Minor Requirements

Program Coordinator
R. Jay Kidwell, Ph.D.
513.244.8179 (phone)
513.244.8180 (fax)