The State of Ohio Department of Education administrative code permits endorsements for teaching license holders to extend the scope of their licenses. Cincinnati Christian University currently offers an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement for teachers to add to their licensure.

Valid for teaching all core academic content areas in grades four and five, this endorsement may be added to an Early Childhood P-3 teaching license. Our program includes a minimum of nine semester hours of study which align with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and the Common Core Content Standers for grades four and five. Completing the program’s requirements for this endorsement and passing the required Praxis II test will qualify the candidate to teach fourth and fifth grade in the state of Ohio.

The program consists of the following:
• One Saturday morning orientation
• A minimum of three on-line courses which include Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies content
• Two Saturday field trips in the Cincinnati area
• A one week on-site course during the summer at Cincinnati Christian University’s Main Campus which includes field experience in the Cincinnati Public Schools

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*The price for the Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement Program, including tuition, books, and fees is $3,850.00 (note: the Praxis II test and licensure fees are not included in this fee schedule and must be paid by the individual).

Applicants must complete both the Endorsement Application and an Employer’s Reference Form.

Please send all application information to:
Cincinnati Christian University
Attn: Admissions Office – Generalist Endorsement
2700 Glenway Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45204


Please contact Claudia Wehmann at (513)478-2743 or e-mail

For further questions, contact Claudia Wehmann at (513) 478-2743 or e-mail her at