Distinctively CCU


Your choice to pursue graduate studies with Cincinnati Christian University will introduce you to an educational experience unlike any other:

A faith-active education.
There are numerous options for those wanting to pursue graduate studies. CCU provides an opportunity for learners to experience quality academics in an atmosphere of faith. Our graduates are equipped to engage an ever-changing world with a foundation of faith studies. In every class, a Christian worldview carries the conversation. Our faculty is comprised of women and men who believe in God and hold a high view of the Scriptures. Christian community is developed organically, providing an experience that is both educational and edifying.

An urban experience with limitless possibilities.
Unlike most Christian universities, CCU is nestled in the middle of a city. Our location, perched atop a hill overlooking downtown Cincinnati, provides opportunities for our students to learn, to play, and to minister. The city facilitates collaboration among diverse cultural entities. Students can access music, athletic, and entertainment venues with ease. And there are endless possibilities for CCU students to pursue issues of justice. The city of Cincinnati is an exceptional learning lab where you can pursue a Christian lifestyle.

A hands-on, personal approach to education.
Unlike many institutions in the world today, CCU produces students with a higher purpose. Not only are students held to high academic standards, they are prepared to change the world for Christ. You will develop relationships with your professors that will illuminate the many opportunities currently available to you. You will develop friendships with classmates that will encourage you to achieve even greater things. And you will cultivate the passion within you to become the leader you need to be for the Kingdom of God.