Interview Questions

When preparing for the interview process, practice questions commonly asked in interviews.


How did you select the school you attended?
How did you determine your major?
What extracurricular activities did you engage in at school?
In what ways does your transcript reflect your ability?
How were you able to help with your college expenses?

What are your hobbies? How did you become interested in them?
Give an example of how you work under pressure.
At what age did you begin supporting yourself?
What causes you to lose your temper?
What are your major strengths? Weaknesses?
Give an example of when you were a leader and what happened.
What do you do to stay in good physical condition?
What was the last non-school-assigned book that you read? Tell me about it.
Who has the greatest influence in your life?
What have you done that shows your creativity?

What kind of position are you looking for?
What do you know about the company?
Under what conditions would you be willing to relocate?
Why do you think you would like to work with us?
What do you hope to accomplish?
What qualifications do you have that would make you beneficial to us?
How do you feel about traveling?
What part of the country would you like to settle in?
With what kinds of people do you enjoy interacting?
What do you regard as an equitable salary for a person with your qualifications?
What new skills would you like to learn?
What are your career goals?
How would you proceed if you were in charge of hiring?
What are your most important criteria for determining whether you will accept a position?

Current Job Postings

All applicants should fill out a CCU Employment Application form and submit it with their resume.
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