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Richard J. Foster once wrote, “Superficiality is the curse of our age.”  It is hard to believe those words were written over thirty years ago, for they are just as applicable today. Seminary education is an invitation to continue the advancement beyond superficiality; to explore the depths of biblical knowledge, personal discipleship, and ministry application.

At Cincinnati Bible Seminary this is accomplished through the processes of education, formation, and integration.  Classes within the Seminary provide an experience of excellence in academics, but they are also designed to develop and strengthen the individual student into a more devoted follower of Christ.  The knowledge and development experienced is expected to be integrated into a life of service in ministry.   All this is enhanced by the context of community as students interact with professors and one another, encouraging each other in ministry and growth.

Students of Cincinnati Bible Seminary integrate their experience to a variety of opportunities including, but certainly not limited to:  church vocational ministry, intercultural ministry, campus ministry, chaplaincy, counseling, higher education, and lay leadership.


Master of Arts Counseling

Master of Divinity

Biblical Studies

Church History

Practical Ministries

Theological Studies

Master of Arts (Religion)

Biblical Studies

Cultural Settings

New Testament

Old Testament

Church History

Leadership Studies

    Church Growth and Church Planting

    Educational and Family Ministries

    Pastoral Care and Counseling

    Pastoral Leadership

    Urban and Intercultural Studies

  Theological Studies

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