Internship Info For Churches

So your church or organizations needs an intern?


#1 – Internship for credit
If one of our students needs an internship for credit in order to graduate, the internship must be fully supervised.  In other words, a student seeking a Youth Ministry degree must be advised by a full-time, on-site Youth Minister. The purpose of an internship is not to fill a void in your staff.

#2 – Internship timing
Our students typically do a 12-week summer internship for three credits or a seven-month internship for nine credits.  These start either in June or January.  Occasionally, we have permitted a 12-month internship for 12 credits.

#3- Payment
Payment varies from place to place.  Please remember the intern will have needs while performing their internship and will have to pay tuition for the internship: over $1,200 for the three-hour summer internship and over $3,000 for the seven-month internship.

#4 – How do we get an intern?
It is the student’s responsibility to find an internship; the university does not assign them. See below for ways you can recruit a potential CCU intern.

What you can do:

  1. Send your internship requirements to the Experiential Learning Coordinator via email [below].  Once your email is received it will be posted on the internship board and verbally communicated to those looking for an internship.
  2. You can come to the university to recruit.  We will provide a table outside of the Student Union for you to meet and talk to our students.  Please call Student Services at (513) 244-8150 to arrange for the table.  A lot of churches and organization find this the most productive way to get interns.

If you have any further questions, please contact David Jones, Experiential Learning Coordinator at or (513) 244-8472.

Current Job Postings

All applicants should fill out a CCU Employment Application form and submit it with their resume.
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If your church or organization is seeking interns:
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