Leading In Church Leadership

A recent Kairos survey revealed that CCU (and Cincinnati Bible Seminary) alumni account for the highest percentage of Senior Ministers among Restoration Movement congregations. The full survey results are available by clicking here.

As Cincinnati Christian University continues to expand our Business, Education, and Communications offerings, we are still deeply devoted to preparing the next generation of vocational church leaders who will meet the challenges of ministry. This is not only visible in our strategic vision, but in statistical results.

Our recently announced Teaching Church, Honors Program, and Urban initiatives (http://ccuniversity.edu/commitment-to-ministry) showcase our commitment to developing students into selfless, well-rounded leaders who follow Christ and positively impact their community, country and world. President Ken Tracy affirmed this focus, saying, “CCU will continue to expand on limited definitions of ministry. Still, we are fully committed to supplying preachers, youth ministers, and missionaries who will impact the kingdom over the decades to come.”

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