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Since 1924, Cincinnati Christian University has been preparing vocational leaders for the church and continues in that strong tradition today!

Ministers, missionaries, teachers, and para-church leaders have historically received their foundational prepara- tion for ministry through CCU. This missional impact over nine decades has extended into every corner of the world. Our graduates have been pioneers in kingdom leadership: planting and developing dynamic churches, establishing far-reaching mission outposts, and leading and teaching in Christian colleges.

While CCU also now equips students for Christian leadership in broader arenas of

life and work, the church continues to stand at the heart of our mission.

Undergraduate ministry degrees prepare students for:

• Preaching & Congregational Ministry
• General Ministry (including varied areas of church leadership) • Youth & Children’s Ministry
• Music & Worship Ministry
• Urban & Intercultural Ministry (traditionally called missions)

We also augment ministry preparation through our undergraduate “Teaching Church” Program, an innovative and dynamic intersection between the church and the classroom. More than 15 greater Cincinnati churches offer hands-on experience within the local church for students starting in their freshman year. Our seminary offers both Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Arts Religion (MAR) degrees in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership. These programs include many international students who return to serve in their own “mis- sion fields.” Students often come to seminary with undergraduate degrees in Bible or Theology, but many are responding to a call to move from other careers into ministry, having undergraduate degrees and past work experience in diverse areas.

We are dedicated to Sustaining the Legacy of all of CCU’s ministry programs well into the future, but we need your help!

People sometimes ask, “Why do many of our Christian colleges and seminaries seem to be seeing less numbers of students choosing to prepare for vocational ministry?” There are many reasons, but at the heart churches have always been the critical senders, as well as the vital sustainers of ministry students.

Who do you see within your circle of influence to be future kingdom leaders that you can encourage to join us as future students? And how can you financially support those who are preparing to become future church leaders? We are inviting you to become Legacy CHURCHES and CHAMPIONS, joining us in Sustaining the Legacy.

Ministry students today face significant financial challenges, and you could be key to helping change that reality.

The cost of ministry preparation is the same as for any degree program, and usually requires borrowing— often resulting in significant debt. Upon graduation, many students go into ministry roles that either require personal fundraising in mission fields or receive less pay than other comparable jobs within a community. This economic stress sometimes leads students to choose other degree programs and career paths. Some are left unable to repay debt or continue in ministry. We have a long-term vision of actually helping students prepare for vocational ministry at even less cost than for other degree programs.

In October of this year we launched a 6-month campaign to raise $250,000 in additional funds for Ministry Scholarships.

Commitments will be made this fall, but the potential giving period will extend through spring of next year, allowing your gift to be as generous as possible. It may also allow you to spread the tax benefit of your gift between two calendar years. All gifts received through this campaign will solely be directed to ministry student scholarships within either our college or seminary. While your sacrificial gifts will help us in Sustaining the Legacy of our historic mission we ask that this be over-and-above your current level of giving, so our university continues to be healthily supported.

Between now and the fall of 2018, it is also our goal to enroll at least 60 new students into our current undergraduate and graduate ministry programs.

The measure of your influence upon student prospects cannot be overestimated. You are our vital partners in both recruitment and our mission. When we ask entering students why they are here, invariably they mention people of influence within their church and life who have helped them gain their sense of calling. Youth ministers particularly provide such encouragement, but so do words from others in the church who are led to say: “I see you as a future preacher, or teacher, or missionary leader.” Those seeds of encouragement take root in young and growing hearts. In addition to special financial giving, we would like to partner with you to bring an increasing number of ministry students to CCU. Do your part to encourage them, and let us know who these potential leaders are so that we can partner with you in enrolling them. Your commitment will not only be to sustain, but send students.

We are renewing our commitment to preparing vocational leaders for the church, and we invite you to join us.

But we ask that you spend some time praying about this before making a decision about any specific commitment.  We are working to keep our educational programs relevant, new, and accessible to students who are drawn to our historic mission of preparing students for ministry.

In November, we will especially encourage you to make your giving commitments. Perhaps your church would consider designating a special Thanksgiving or Christmas offering that would go toward Ministry Scholarships. Individuals considering year-end giving could include CCU and even extend the measure of their generosity by giving through spring of the new year.

To make an online donation, please click here:  GIVE to CCU.