Building For the Future: New Housing and Student Center


This fall, Cincinnati Christian University will begin construction on a building featuring student housing and a recreation center. The timeline calls for the dorm areas of the building to be ready for occupancy in Fall 2016.

The new structure will be located at the top of the hill between the west parking lot and the main driveway from Glenway Avenue. The four-story building will consist of three levels of dorm space, with the lowest level developed for a new student activities center. The building will have two wings, with completely separated men’s and women’s halls. The university will add an additional 160 beds of housing on campus with this new building.

The total cost of the project will be $10,000,000. CCU is partnering with Clark Hall, a real estate developer, and Al. Neyer, a design-build firm to complete construction. These companies will construct the building at their own expense and then lease the building back to the university. CCU retains a purchase option on the building. This kind of agreement is becoming more popular among educational institutions looking for cost-effective ways to solve their housing issues. CCU will not have to raise any money for the construction of this building.

· 4 floor building
· Total of 160 new beds

· 33 housing units
26 units at 899 square feet
7 units at 961 square feet

· 3,775 square feet activity center
· 800 square feet lobby
· Total: 53,181 square feet

Housing units will consist of:
· Two bedrooms with 2 beds in each bedroom
· Kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave
· Common area

More information about the new building will be released in the months to come. Check back here for more details. More renderings and a layout of the structure can be seen below.

View of the building from the top of the Glenway Avenue driveway
View of the main entrance with Presidents Hall on the left and the Education House to the right
Arial view of campus

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