CCU’s Ombuds Office offers a safe and confidential atmosphere for the community of CCU to come and discuss concerns, complaints and/or broader systemic problems within the Office’s jurisdiction. Contacts can be made by emailing the Ombuds office at or through an appointment with the ombuds office, 513.244.8445.

Those who come to the Ombuds Office can expect:

  • Discussion that is neutral and impartial
  • Help to review solutions from as many angles as possible
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Direction to appropriate departments for help
  • Informality: provide listening, provide and receive information, identify and reframe issues, help to develop a range of responsible options
  • Investigate policy and procedure adherence and fairness

The Ombuds Office does not:

  • Replace any formal channels of a grievance process
  • Participate in any formal investigation or serve as judge
  • Make binding decisions or mandate policies
  • Get involved in non-university problems
  • Override university policies or procedures

The Ombuds Office seeks to:

  • Look into procedural irregularities and/or broader systemic problems when appropriate
  • Identify trends, issues and concerns about policies and procedures

Steps You Can Take Toward Conflict Resolution:

  • Contact the Ombuds Office through the CCU “Comment” link, call the office for an appointment or walk in.
  • Document dates and times of contacts with the Ombuds Office
  • Document meetings and suggested steps for resolution
  • Follow the suggested steps
  • Follow up with the Ombuds Office as needed