CCU’s Ombuds Office offers a safe and confidential atmosphere for the community of CCU to come and discuss concerns, complaints and/or broader systemic problems within the Office’s jurisdiction. Contacts can be made by completing the online Student Advocacy Request.

Those who come to the Ombuds Office can expect:

  • Discussion that is neutral and impartial
  • Help to review solutions from as many angles as possible
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Direction to appropriate departments for help
  • Informality: provide listening, provide and receive information, identify and reframe issues, help to develop a range of responsible options
  • Investigate policy and procedure adherence and fairness

The Ombuds Office does not:

  • Replace any formal channels of a grievance process
  • Participate in any formal investigation or serve as judge
  • Make binding decisions or mandate policies
  • Get involved in non-university problems
  • Override university policies or procedures

The Ombuds Office seeks to:

  • Look into procedural irregularities and/or broader systemic problems when appropriate
  • Identify trends, issues and concerns about policies and procedures

Steps You Can Take Toward Conflict Resolution:

  • Contact the Ombuds Office through the online Student Advocacy Request or sending an email to
  • Document dates and times of contacts with the Ombuds Office
  • Document meetings and suggested steps for resolution
  • Follow the suggested steps
  • Follow up with the Ombuds Office as needed