Registration & Cost

Registration Process

1. Find the class you would like to take using the resources of the host school.

2. If the class will fulfill anything other than an open elective, get approval for the course by emailing the course description to

3. Complete a cross-registration form in the Registrar’s Office.
Forms must be signed by a staff member from the Registrar’s Office before taking it to the other school.

4. Take the form to the Registrar’s Office at the other school to register for the course.
Each school sets a date when they will begin accepting Consortium registrations. It is usually only 2–3 weeks before the term starts. The Registrar’s Office will have the specific registration dates for each school as well as information about the location of the registration office, hours, and any other forms the host school requires.You may be required to fill out admissions forms the first time you register.

5. The host school will complete the paperwork and send copies to the home school.

6. Students must complete the drop process at both schools if they decide to withdraw. You are financially and academically responsible for the course at CCU. Whatever grade earned will be recorded on your CCU transcript and count in your GPA at CCU.


You will pay CCU’s tuition rate. You are liable for any fees the other school charges (application, matriculation, technology, lab, student, or parking fees) and books. If your CCU hours and consortium hours are within the 12-18 hour block you will not owe any additional tuition. If you are outside the “block” range you will pay the appropriate hourly rate.