Rine Hall Demolition

In August 2014, the CCU campus was forever changed with the demolition of Rine Hall. The building held a significant spot in the hearts of many alumni and friends. Not only did it serve as resident housing for women students for six decades, the basement housed the school’s dining hall, student center (Eagles Nest), and education department.

The cornerstone of the building, (originally laid in 1953) was preserved as it contained a time capsule. The cornerstone was opened in a gathering of Student Body Leadership in September. Unfortunately, the contents of the time capsule did not persevere through time and were largely dust. Fortunately, however, librarian Jim Lloyd was able to determine the contents with help from CCU historical archives.

The items included a brief historical sketch of the CCU (then Cincinnati Bible Seminary), a list of students enrolled that year, a list of donors who contributed to the construction of the building, a copy of the school’s Constitution, issues of the Report describing the progress of the building campaign, an academic catalogue of the school and a copy of the Bible. The flyleaf of the Bible was inscribed with this statement: ‘The chief textbook of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary.'”

Planning for the construction of a new Rine Hall is underway, but no specifics have been released.

Click here for a photo gallery of the demolition of the dorm as well as the contents of the time capsule.

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