Internships & Field Experience

Music & Worship Internship/Residency

Internships/residencies are designed to provide students with in-depth exposure to the full scope of the work of the ministry, both as observer and participant. This is done under direct and joint supervision of the minister in a local church and Cincinnati Christian University, in order to help prepare the minister-in-training for ministry.

Students engaged in preparation for music and worship ministry should grow in these ways:
1. Spiritual development. A deepened relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Character development. Clearer reflection of Christ’s character.
3. Interpersonal communication. Effective expression of the Good News to others.
4. Ministerial skills. Helpful service to diverse needs of many people.
5. Practical application. Competent administration of various duties.

An internship is a short-term (3- to 7-month, usually) field experience for a student, while still in the midst of his or her course of study. Interns normally return to CCU campus for further coursework after the internship. A residency is a full-year experience after coursework is complete. Most likely, residents will be looking to go on to located ministry, or perhaps to grad school, after the residency is complete. Both internships and residencies are designed with a view toward local church ministry in the fairly near future.

All music and worship students may do an internship or residency to gain valuable hands-on learning experience as part of their degree requirements

All students have the option of doing a 2-credit hour internship/residency. This option involves full-time work on the field for 3 months (such as the summer). Students in the Bachelor of Science in Music program may take this as an elective class (MUFE 390). BAMW students may take this option as the short form of their Internship requirement (the other 7 hours of credit are then professional electives). Register for MUFE 390.

BAMW students also have the option of doing a 9-credit hour internship/residency, which involves full-time work on the field for 7 or more months. Register for MUFE 490

Note: The deadline for registering for an internship or residency is September 15, a semester or more before it is to begin. You must register for Internship Seminar and attend the Orientation Meeting to start the process.

Note: All internships and residencies must be done with a full-time music minister or worship leader serving as field mentor. This program is not designed as a way to get academic credit for doing a job, but is a time to learn about the job from a mentor while trying it hands-on. Direct all questions to; or to Ken Read, Music Internship Supervisor.