Music & Worship Degrees

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Vocal Track 
Instrumental Track
Composition Track

The Bachelor of Science in Music degree combines majors both in Bible and Theology and in Music and Worship.  The BSM can focus on applied voice, piano, brass instruments, guitar, or composition.  Others instruments may  be offered through special arrangements. The degree is designed for those who desire to prepare for leadership in music and worship ministry in the church.

Our graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Music and Worship are strong performers in their areas of specialization, and are capable general musicians with a good understanding of music and worship. They are experienced in music and worship ministry, and have a solid biblical foundation for ministry. Capable at planning and leading corporate worship with confidence, our graduates are aware of the need for balance and sensitivity. Each one is prepared to be an integral member of a ministry team in serving the church and shaping the world.


AA Music & Worship

CCU also offers an Associate of Arts in Music and Worship, which entails an audition and acceptance similar to that of the bachelor degrees, but in a two-year program. The Associate of Arts Degree offers the student a vocational emphasis in Music and Worship with an opportunity to develop some of the basic skills that are necessary for leading music in the church.

Regardless of your chosen career, our goal is to help all graduates of our degree programs find effective service for the Lord Jesus Christ through music, and to worship him in spirit and in truth.

CCU is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. 
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