Our psychology program gives you the opportunity to explore and develop a distinct, Christian approach to psychology. A psychology degree is a versatile and highly employable degree. Graduates from our psychology program are currently serving as ministers, youth ministers and counselors while others are enjoying careers in advertising, human resources, social services, law enforcement, education and literally dozens of other careers. Additionally, many of our students have continued their educations to become licensed psychologists, counselors and even social workers.

Bachelor’s Degrees Offered
BS in Psychology
BS in Biblical Studies plus a Professional Studies Program with a Psychology minor

Associates Degrees Offered
AA Psychology

Minors Offered
A Minor may be added to any degree. A student adds a Minor by taking the courses listed in the Minor—see the list of courses for each minor in the “Available Minors” section.

Minor in Psychology
Minor in Communication Arts
Minor in History
Minor in Music & Worship
Minor in Social & Cultural Studies
Minor in Urban & Intercultural Studies
Minor in Youth & Children’s Ministry