Meal Plans


The Nest: Students who have completed less than 26 credit hours will be assigned to The Nest Plan. $2,050.00.  These students will receive 17 meals a week and 150 Eagle Card Dollars

The Talon: Students who have completed 26 or more credit hours will be assigned to The Talon Plan. $2,050.00.  These students will receive 15 meals a week and 260 Eagle Card Dollars

The Wing: Students who have completed 58 or more credit hours will be able to change to The Wing Plan in enrollment services. $2,050.00.  These students will receive 13 meals a week and 400 Eagle Card Dollars

The Village: Students living in the CCU Village will be assigned to The Village Plan. $1,025.00.  These Students will receive 10 meals a week and 100 Eagle Card Dollars

All Residential Semester Meal Plans begin on the first day of the semester and end at 1:05pm on the last day of exams

Early Weeks

Early Week: Students who enroll in an undergraduate Early Week class will be assigned to The Early Week Plan. $110.00.  During your early week, you will be able to get into all of the Student Union Meals.

Meal Plans run from Sunday to Saturday depending on which week that you attend.  See MYCCU for the Open Hours calendars.

Non-Residential Meal Plan

Raptor Plan: Students who commute to campus are eligible for The Raptor Plan. $525.00.  If you choose to sign up for this plan in enrollment services, you will receive 5 meals a week and 50 Eagle Card Dollars.

The CMP: Students who commute to campus may choose to place money on their Eagle Card in $50 increments at Enrollment Services


Special Dietary Needs

We are excited to help student with their special dietary needs. Steve Baker, the Student Union Production Manager, is trained in special dietary needs and is available to help. We not only understand food allergies, but how they affect your studies and social life. Come see us for a very easy and simple way for us to help you meet your special dietary need.

Not feeling well and just cannot make it across campus
? Your RA can help get your meal. Ask for more information.

Meal on the Run

A Meal on the Run can be obtained by filling out a form online that can be found by the student on myCCU once they receive their school email address. This is a box meal that they can choose the meal they want to use it for and the time that they want to pick it up.

To Go Meals

Since the Student Union does not have paper service, you have the availability to take food out of the Student Union in the following:
• Eco Clamshells will be available to take out food
• Bring your own cup: up to 32 oz
• Fruit by the piece
• Ice Cream by the cone

Eagle Card
As a student, you can use the dollars that are associated with your meal plan at:
• The Student Union
• The Hill Top Coffee Shop
• CCU’s Catering on Campus
• Meal on the Run
If you attending a special event on campus, ask them if they accept your Eagle Card.