Missional Growth

Each week CCU students worship in our campus chapel service

We have high expectations for students at Cincinnati Christian University. The student standards at CCU are more rigorous than many other colleges because we are trying to produce the next generation of Christian leaders in the boardroom, the classroom, and the church. All students participate in a spiritual development matrix which includes corporate worship, small group participation, and service.

Our worship shows appreciation and respect to the God of the Universe. At CCU, we have many opportunities to do this together. Students have the option to participate in any of these gatherings, but are expected to attend a certain number of them throughout each semester.

· Weekly chapel services on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. Since 1924, our campus community has had this weekly opportunity to worship together. While chapel looks much different now than they did years ago, it still includes a time of singing, prayer, and teaching from the Bible.
· Special monthly chapel services held five times each semester on Thursdays. These chapels have a specific focus, whether honoring our city’s fire/police personnel or hearing a nationally acclaimed speaker
· Weekly “Family” services Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. This service was started in the 1980′s and still carries on today. It is completely led by students, permitting them the opportunity to lead each other in worship.

Another integral part of the CCU experience is participation in small groups. Classes are not in session on Thursday mornings at 10:00am so that students can gather with a faculty/staff mentor or with an upperclassman to discuss life and the Scriptures. This allows students the opportunity to reflect on their own spiritual journey in a safe and encouraging setting.

Servant leadership is a way of life at CCU. Students make a weekly commitment to serve with organizations both in and out of the city. Our urban location provides endless possibilities for students to get involved and give back to the community in the name of the Lord. In addition to weekly service, each April, classes are cancelled for our Community Service Day so our campus family can give back in concerted large-group opportunities to serve the Greater Cincinnati community.

CCU has been recognized as a leader in developing servanthood among students, repeatedly being named to the United States President’s Honor Roll for Community Service, and honor bestowed by the Department of Education, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Campus Compact and the American Council on Education.