Why Athletics At CCU?

As CCU seeks to grow our student population, we have put special emphasis on bolstering our academic programs, planning facility expansion, and enhancing our student life. One part of the CCU student experience is our NAIA sports programs. Here we offer some bullet points to explain why CCU offers scholarship athletics.

Students want athletics
· Today’s prospective students desire additional extracurricular activities.
· Many prospective students began playing sports at an early age and wish to continue playing in college
· They view athletics as part of their educational experience

 Athletics is a part of CCU’s history
· In the earliest years of our school, we fielded athletics teams
· Thousands of CCU students have represented the school on the playing field over the years
· In the 1956 yearbook, CCU outlined two reasons for having varsity sports

  1. to create opportunities to influence the opposing teams for Christ, and
  2. to develop the Christian characteristics in student-athletes

· We still hold fast to these ideals today

Athletics is yet another vehicle to attract students
· Collegiate athletics are rapidly expanding throughout the country
· There are prospective students who desire to attend a college like CCU and participate in athletics
· Some of these prospects bypass us for other Christian colleges offering those sports

CCU fully investigates the addition of all new sports programs
· We have conducted interviews with both Christian and secular universities
· We have talked with presidents, trustees, athletic directors, and other institutional personnel
· We have inquired about positives, negatives, opportunities, and threats of athletic expansion

CCU fully investigates the financial implications of adding sports programs
· While NCAA Division 1 athletics experiences fiscal issues, lower tier collegiate athletics are a more viable enterprise
· The CCU finance department conducts financial pro formas about every new sport offerings
· While expansion requires initial investment, the university benefits in the long term

CCU fully investigates the hiring of new coaching personnel

· The key to new program success is selecting the right leader
· We seek coaches with the Christian character to lead men and women
· We hire coaches with the athletic intelligence to find success on the playing field

CCU is committed to our mission
· Cincinnati Christian University exists to “develop students into selfless, well-rounded leaders who follow Christ and positively impact their community, country and world”
· All existing and new programs (whether academic or athletic) fall in line with our mission

All CCU students adhere to the highest standards
· The university expects academic excellence, spiritual development, and community service
· NAIA and NCCAA affiliations impose additional academic and character-driven requirements on student-athletes
· No student is above accountability

The CCU culture is bigger than any one program
· No academic or extracurricular endeavor supersede the university direction
· Our culture is based on faith in Christ Jesus
· Our structure is designed to ensure our community remains focused on our mission

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