Affirmations of Faith | Cincinnati Christian University

Affirmations of Faith


CCU pursues Christian unity on the basis of a common affirmation of Biblical truth, affirms the liberty of
individual believers and churches on non-essential points of doctrine, and adopts a spirit of love and
posture of grace in all conversations.
The following affirmations should be interpreted within the frameworks of Cincinnati Christian
University’s Statement of Faith and of CCU’s ongoing commitment to the values of the Restoration


CCU affirms that Scripture is divinely inspired and
inerrant in its original manuscripts and, therefore,
the authoritative Word of God and the standard
by which all theological claims, ecclesiastical
practices, social trends, and lifestyle choices must
be measured.

God, Christ, & Holy Spirit

CCU affirms that God is the sovereign Creator of
the universe, that Jesus Christ is His Son and God
incarnate who died on the cross and was raised
from the dead and who is our only Savior, and that
the Holy Spirit is God indwelling and giving life to
all believers and working in the world to empower
the mission of God.

CCU affirms that God is entirely transcendent,
and His attributes cannot be fully represented by
analogy to anything in the material world. CCU
affirms that both men and women are created in
the image of God. We follow the examples set
in Scripture by using masculine pronouns when
referring to God.

The Church

CCU affirms that the beliefs and purposes
of Jesus and the early Church should be
foundational to the beliefs and purposes of the
Church and of local congregations today.

CCU affirms the autonomy of every local
congregation in their faith and practice, including
the calling and ordination of leaders.

Sexual Engagement

CCU affirms that Scripture describes that from
creation, God’s intention for human sexual
engagement is that it occurs solely within the
marriage between one man and one woman.

Human Life

CCU affirms that all human beings are made in
God’s image and therefore upholds the inherent
value and dignity of human life from conception
to death, and, therefore, the inherent unity and
equality of all people as individual bearers of
God’s image.


CCU affirms that Scripture should inform the
political views and political engagement of the
Church and of individual believers.

CCU affirms the freedom of individuals to reach
their own political conclusions and does not
endorse any political party or candidate, nor
adopt official political positions. Therefore, no
CCU Trustee or employee may represent her/
his personal political preferences and positions
as if they were the university’s positions to any
constituency, nor attempt to coerce students or
employees to engage in partisan activity.