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About CBS

The Cincinnati Bible Seminary emerged from a broader movement in the late 19th/early 20th centuries to establish ministry schools with strong biblical focus. The institution’s founders desired to meet the pressing leadership needs of independent local churches associated with the Restoration Movement fellowship as well as to provide students with an education where biblical scholarship acknowledged the authority of the Scriptures.

On September 23, 1924, two like-minded institutions—McGarvey Bible College in Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati Bible Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio—merged to form CBS.

From its inception, CBS offered graduate level courses. In 1956, the graduate division took on a separate identity with the appointment of a separate dean and a distinct faculty. In 1968, the Edwin G. Crouch Memorial Building was erected to house the library and the graduate school.

In 1987, the corporate name of the institution was changed to separate the undergraduate school from the graduate school (the institution had another name change in 2004 to become Cincinnati Christian University). In 2004, CBS was granted full accreditation by the Association of Theological Schools.