Course Formats | Cincinnati Christian University

Course Formats

At Cincinnati Christian University, we understand that a high percentage of graduate students have a need for non-traditional course formats to fit their already busy professional and personal schedules. Our course formats were developed to fit the needs of our students:


Many of our courses meet in a block format one day a week during the 15-week semester. These courses typically meet Mondays or Tuesdays only.

One-Week Intensive

These courses typically meet Monday through Friday, beginning early morning and ending early evening.

2-2-2 and 3-3

These courses meet two full days (Thursday and Friday) three times during the semester or three full days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) two times during the semester.


These courses are computer-based courses offered in the time context of a traditional semester.


These courses are computer-based courses combined with two days of classroom instruction on campus during the semester.