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Welcome to CBS

Since 1924, Cincinnati Christian University has been educating Christian leaders to serve the church and shape the world. The campus of the university enjoys a panoramic view of a diverse city that surrounds it, a setting that provides a rich missional context in which to study and serve.

Cincinnati Bible Seminary, a division of the university, provides graduate level preparation for vocational leadership in various areas of ministry. Programs are designed for students who have already completed undergraduate study in Bible/ Theology/Ministry, as well as those with baccalaureate degrees in other areas of study that are responding to a calling toward ministry.

Two principal degrees are offered: the Master of Divinity, the standard degree for vocational ministry preparation; and the Master of Arts (Religion), a more focused degree and commmon path toward further academic program.

Realizing that graduate students often come with families and jobs, seminary classes are delivered through a variety of formats: on campus, online, and combinations of face-to-face and distance learning.

Semimary is much more than just about classes, though, it is about community. Together with others experiencing a similar sense of calling, you prepare both mind and heart for ministry. Come be a part of our rich fellowship of learning and spiritual formation.