Private School Admissions | Cincinnati Christian University

Private School Admissions

To be eligible to participate in the CCP program, a Letter of Intent must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education no later than April 1st of the year a student intends to participate. Submitting the letter of intent reserves funding (though funding is not guaranteed for private school students) but does not require the student to participate in the program.

Private school students residing in the state of Ohio should complete an application to the Cincinnati Christian University Bridge Academy in the following order:

  1. Submit an online Application, located HERE. The $20 fee is not required for Bridge Academy applicants.
  2. Request that an official middle school/ high school transcript be sent from your counselor to Cincinnati Christian University. A student must have a 2.5 (unweighted) GPA to satisfy the admissions requirement at CCU.
  3. Send a copy of ACT or SAT scores to Cincinnati Christian University. Qualifying scores are as follows:
    -ACT:19 Composite with a minimum of 18 in the English portion and 19 in Math
    -SAT: 1010 Combined score with a minimum score of 25 in Writing & Language and 24.5 score in Math
    -Accuplacer: 256 Writing, 243 Reading, and with a 263 baseline score in Math
  4. Students should have their counselor submit a Letter of Recommendation to Cincinnati Christian University. Counselors should send a letter on official school letterhead for individual students, or can contact the Bridge Academy Coordinator to receive a Counselor Recommendation form for individuals and groups of students.