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Alumni Association

CCU Alumni automatically become members of the Alumni Association when they leave the school. The Alumni Association is a way to stay connected with your alma mater and with other alumni. Alumni are encouraged to partner with our school in carrying out the mission of developing students into selfless, well-rounded leaders who will follow Christ and positively impact their community, country, and world.

CCU depends on her alumni to pray regularly for the faculty, staff, and students. Alumni also help by recruiting top-notch students who want to be ambassadors for Christ.

Alumni Association Officers 2017

Bob Hightchew (’04, ’06), President Quentin Davis (’14), Past President Nathan Hardesty (’05, ’09), Vice President Rosena Hagee (’54), Secretary Scott Lloyd (’93, ’99), Treasurer

Alumni Association Council Members

Dan Harris (’93) Dan Katt (’71, ’78) Tom Moll (’66) Brian Richard (’93) Samantha Rutledge (’13) Julie Ann Schild (’13) Mark Tucker (’13) Jon Underwood (’78, ’82) Ron Vance (’81, ’87) Shelley Weiss (’15) Daniel Wylie (’85)