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Evan Bolejack Learning Center

The Learning Center provides free assistance for students who desire to improve their academic performance. Through services such as academic tutoring, academic coaching, developing study skills, or reviewing a research paper, students will experience an outstanding peer-to-peer tutoring experience in the Learning Center.

Learning Center

– Grammarly provides an in-depth web-based analysis of your paper to help eliminate errors and enhance clarity and meaning.
– Premier Literacy is a suite of writing tools that helps make online and printed text accessible for students with reading disabilities.
– Grammar Handouts are available for any student who wants additional resources for specific writing questions, such as comma usage or writing a strong thesis statement.
– Study Groups may be requested by students wanting to meet together in the Learning Center with a Learning Coach to help answer questions, navigate course content, and prepare for tests.
– Academic Coaching allows students to meet with Learning Coaches on a weekly basis to foster accountability and provide strategies for improving identified problem areas in academics.
– Academic Tutoring provides content-specific instruction on either a one-time or regular basis to help students succeed in their coursework.
– Textbooks in an audio-compatible format are available for students with documented disabilities and who have been approved for this accommodation by Disability Services.
– Accuplacers are placement tests that can be taken by students interested in testing into college-level math and writing classes.
– Test Proctoring is available for students who need to take a test outside of their normal class time and have approved the arrangement with their professor.
– Test Prep sessions may be requested by students prior to a test to help go over flashcards, discuss test-taking strategies, and review course notes.
– Resumes and Cover Letters, like any writing assignments, can be brought into the Learning Center for a tutor to look over and suggest improvements.

How to make an appointment
Students may email, call, or drop by the Learning Center to schedule any kind of appointment. Although walk-ins are welcome, scheduling an appointment in advance will guarantee your time with the Learning Coach. Any students taking a test in the Learning Center must schedule at least 24 hours in advance.

Learning Center Contact Information
The Evan Bolejack Learning Center
Presidents Hall 271A
[email protected]

Hours of Operation (During the Academic Year)
Monday- Thursday: 11am-10pm Sunday: 6pm-10pm
Additional times by appointment

Summer Hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 4pm-6pm