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First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience Program is designed to help students establish a solid and sustainable foundation for college success built around three significant factors associated with student persistence: academic support, student engagement, and academic preparation, strategies, and habits.

Learning Communities
A learning community is a small group of students who take the majority of their first semester courses together, with each group centering on CCU’s first-year seminar course, Strategies for College Success. All incoming students are placed in a learning community based on academic major. Learning communities assist students in developing a supportive network of peers, mentors, and professors. These communities enable students to immediately build connections within their major and increase the likelihood of a positive transition to Cincinnati Christian University.

First Year Seminar Courses
Biblical Foundations for Life and Peace is a two-semester course that combines Biblical history and themes with community building, practical skills, and positive academic behaviors, creating a sense of shared identity and culture among students. Students will explore how biblical teachings and themes shape their practice as students at CCU. The course combines an introduction to the Old Testament (first semester) and the New Testament (second semester) with topics such as
– CCU History
– Time Management
– Mindset
– Stress Reduction
– Critical and Creative Thinking
– Diversity and Inclusion

The course is required for all non-ministry majors.

UNIV 010: Strategies for College Success is a required, one semester, first-year seminar course for all incoming first-year students as well as conditionally admitted transfer students. The course meets twice per week and is designed to assist students in their academic success at Cincinnati Christian University and their integration into the CCU community. This course covers a variety of topics including:
– History & Welcome to Cincinnati Christian University
– Time Management and Study Skills
– Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment
– Career Exploration
– Money Management
– Critical and Creative Thinking
– Engagement Opportunities with peers, faculty and staff members
– Major/Course Specific Study Sessions


Contact Information
Sarah Grace McCollough
First Year Experience Coordinator
[email protected]