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Honors Program

Honors Program

CCU’s Honors Program provides exceptional students with a college experience that will enhance their intellectual development and professional preparation. CCU identifies Honors students according to such criteria as academic excellence, commendable character, and significant potential for growth.

Students accepted into the Honors Degree Scholarship Program Receive:

  1. A full-tuition scholarship covering each semester enrolled in the program (maximum eight semesters, reviewed each semester).
  2. 50% discounting on travel expenses associated with one CCU sponsored trip up to a maximum of $2000.00.
  3. Priority registration for classes each semester.
  4. Field and extracurricular opportunities.
  5. Residency in designated Honors Housing (optional, limited, and at student expense).
  6. Recognition of program completion on diploma and transcript.
  7. Priority consideration for admission to CCU graduate programs corresponding to undergraduate major.

Criteria & Requirements:

  1. Full-time enrollment in an eligible traditional four year Bachelor’s program
  2. Completion of no more than one year (36 semester hours) of undergraduate credit at another regionally accredited university, or through AP/dual credit coursework. For students who have completed no more than one semester (18 hours) of undergraduate credit at another regionally accredited university, eligibility will be established on the basis of high school GPA, and/or ACT/SAT scores, and college transcript.
  3. Fulfill all normal admissions requirements for a CCU undergraduate program
  4. Meet the following minimum academic requirements: 3.5 GPA (high school cumulative or first-year undergraduate) and 28 ACT/1310 SAT score – or 3.9 GPA (high school cumulative or first-year undergraduate) – or 30 ACT/1415 SAT score.
  5. Submission of an entrance essay and résumé
  6. Participation in Honors Scholarship Program interview

A limited number of new scholarships are awarded each year. Exceptions to the above requirements may be made on an individual basis by the faculty of the division hosting the student’s major, in dialogue with the Director of the Honors program and the Chief Academic Officer.

Complete information regarding continuing eligibility, structure, privileges, application process, and scholarship is available in the Bursar’s Office/Enrollment Services.

The Honors Program is limited to Traditional Undergraduate Degrees.