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Residential Life

Cincinnati Christian University supports the concept of community living as an integral component of college life. Communal living contributes to the holistic development of the student and complements the academic experience. For these reasons, the university views residential life as an important part of a student’s complete educational experience.

For official university housing policy, please refer to the CCU Student Handbook.

Residential Housing
CCU operates two Residence Halls: Alumni Hall and Restoration Hall. Each Residence Hall boasts newly renovated dorm rooms, halls, restrooms, and lobbies. In addition to recent hall improvements, the Residence Halls also come equipped with free Wi-Fi for all students, cable TV in the lobbies, vending machines, a community microwave, and access to free laundry facilities.

The CCU Village
CCU owns and manages seven campus houses, known as The CCU Village. Students who have accumulated 57 credit hours or more may be approved to live in The CCU Village. Rooms in the Village houses will be awarded to seniors first and then to juniors. For questions or for more information, contact Student Services.

Contact Information
Becca Griffin
Women’s Hall Coordinator
[email protected]
Jeremy Jordan
Men’s Hall Coordinator
[email protected]