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Student Athlete Support

Student Services provides an advisor specifically for student-athletes. This is a professional staff member who provides advising for classes in all majors and will help connect student-athletes with resources on and off campus. The Student-Athlete Advisor also advises students on maintaining their NAIA eligibility.

Study Tables
Athletic study tables are designated times when student-athletes can study and complete coursework in a quiet environment. There are 40 hours of study tables spread throughout the week (Sunday-Friday). Each session is monitored, and study table times are congruent with open hours at the Learning Center. Dependent upon GPA, some student-athletes are required to attend a minimum number of study table hours each week.

Team Chaplains
Chaplains are students who serve as spiritual leaders on each athletic team to aid in the spiritual development of their teammates and help them complete their required Spiritual Formation Plan. Chaplains are responsible for providing resources such as team devotionals, small group Bible studies, community service projects, team bonding events, and other projects that will help their teammates grow closer to God, while also growing closer to each other.

Student Athlete Advising Picture
The CCU Women’s Basketball team participates in a community service event at City Gospel Mission
located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contact Information
David Borton
Student-Athlete Advisor
[email protected]