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Campus Minister- Media, PA

Church Name: Christian Student Fellowship Penn State Brandywine Campus

Location:Media, PA

Job Description:

Campus Minister
Job Description
Christian Student Fellowship
The Pennsylvania State University
Brandywine campus

Basic Responsibilities:
• Provide biblical teaching and counseling to students
• Spiritual mentoring of students
• Provide student leadership accountability (spiritual and organizational)
• Establish and maintain financial support base with congregations and individuals
• Actively contribute to the development of CSFPA initiatives (new ministry planting or internships)

Team Responsibilities:
• Develop resources/training of student leadership in evangelism/discipleship
• Work with student leaders and staff to develop evangelistic outreach to campus (examples:Human Trafficking Awareness Activities; Christmas Outreach, orientation activities, etc.)
• Establish evangelistic bible studies
• Develop mentor relationships

Specific Responsibilities (Spiritual Formation)
• Administration
Provides direction in general fellowship programming
Presents a vision for general outreach on campus
Provides oversight to the Servant-leaders team(s)
• Mentoring
Edify and encourages campus ministry leadership team
Provides spiritual oversight for interns (if applicable)
Cultivate relationships with students from which to mentor, counsel, and dsiciple

Brief Description of CSF at Penn State Brandywine:
Penn State Brandywine is one of 24 Commonwealth campuses in the Pennsylvania State University system offering baccalaureate and associate degrees and certificate programs taught by award-winning faculty. As a teaching/learning/research institution for undergraduate education and for lifelong learning, Brandywine is committed to the highest quality in research and scholarship.

The mission of CSF:
Love God… Breathe Deep – allowing God to change every area of our lives and make us more like Christ.
Love God’s people… Lock Arms – encouraging one another in Christ through accountability and activities.
Love God’s world… Run to Battle – demonstrating an unconditional love through a message of hope.

The goals of CSF:
Walk… read/study the Bible regularly and spend time talking with God.
Worship… offer oneself only to God and meet weekly with other believers.
Message… declare/affirm our hope through Christ.
Ministry… minister to others using spiritual gifts
Share… experience community through small groups
Serve… touch others through time, talents and treasures.


The Christian Student Foundation of Pennsylvania (CSFPA) a collegiate ministry organization is seeking a qualified individual who will work closely with the student leadership team of the Christian Student Fellowship at Penn State Brandywine (Media, PA -suburban Philadelphia) in developing a vision for teaching biblical principles and outreach on campus.

The applicant must have a calling and a heart for collegiate ministry with a strong vision for spiritual formation and demonstrate a desire to see the advancement of God’s Kingdom through teaching biblical principles.

In addition, the applicant must demonstrate experience contributing effectively to ministry excellence and skills which include, but are not limited to, planning, organizational, and management skills, public speaking and communication abilities, great energy and creativity, capacity to work with others, ability to resolve problems, and sound judgment.

As is typical in many faith-base ministry organizations, CSF at Penn State Brandywine relies on faithful contributions of individuals and congregations. Therefore, the candidate is expected to be the primary support raiser for this position. The ideal start date would be July 2019. However, the completion of fund raising goals will determine beginning date.


William “Buzz” Roberts

[email protected]


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