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Children’s Pastor/Director of Children’s Ministry- Camarillo , California

Church Name: Camarillo Christian Church

Location: Camarillo , California

Job Description:

We are looking for a Children’s Pastor/Director of Children’s Ministry who loves children of all ages, has a passion for families, dreams BIG, creative, fun and who desires to make a tremendous impact with a growing church.


PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION: This position exists in order to:
1. Help every child from birth to fifth grade and their families develop an ever-deepening relationship with Christ.
2. Develop and implement the strategy to accomplish the church vision and mission within the Children’s Ministries.
3. Equip volunteers, parents and children to participate in the work of the ministry, not just being spectators or fans, but becoming devoted disciples of Jesus.
4. Challenge and prepare children, parents and volunteers to help others know and love Christ so we can serve and share Christ.

SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: The person who fills this position must be:
1. Experienced with and able to lead a children’s ministries department that is healthy and achieves numerical growth with greater depth of spiritual maturity.
2. Able to communicate well with adults as well as children both verbally and in the written word.
3. Able to motivate others and develop a positive “can do” attitude and a deep sense of “team spirit.”
4. Able to be flexible and adapt to change in a proactive manner.
5. Able to envision, detail, organize and implement a strategy and plan to activate, accomplish and evaluate the church’s vision.
6. Able to recruit and equip the volunteers for their personal growth and service.
7. Able to develop new ministries with creativity and innovative characteristics.
8. Able to be supportive, caring and a team player with the entire church.
9. Able to operate a program that is sensitive to age/grade characteristics and capabilities.
10. Able to rise to new challenges as opportunities become available.

1. Lead, equip, and serve the children of CCC and their families.
2. Recruit, train and staff all Children’s Ministry areas from birth through fifth grade in a year-round effective process and program. This is to include but is not limited to: weekend services; targeted midweek children’s programming; VBS, HUME Lake Summer Camp; Volunteer training; and special events and programs.
3. Oversee the selection and purchase of curriculum, equipment, supplies and facilities for Children’s Ministries.
4. Develop, be responsible for, and oversee Children’s Ministries budget.
5. Oversee and assist in planning and publicizing all programming for children.
6. Oversee the keeping of attendance records for all Children’s Ministries classes and groups and assist in follow-up, mailings and publicity.
7. Conduct regular ministry team meetings for the purpose of coordination, training and nurturing.
8. Serve as a spiritual “shepherd” for children and provide guidance to families.
9. Coordinate and assist the other church staff in all areas of ministry to further the cause of Christ at CCC, especially with opportunities to increase ministry to children and families.
10. Maintain an established routine of office hours and participate in shared office and pastoral responsibilities.

1. This individual needs to be a devoted follower of Christ with an ever-deepening relationship with Him. Because this position necessitates labor during times generally associated with “worship and praise” this individual needs to be self-motivated in regular personal worship.
2. As a leader of CCC, this individual is expected to be of the highest moral and ethical character according to the Biblical standard.
3. It is expected that this individual be loyal to the Lead Pastor, Church Staff and Shepherds of Camarillo Christian Church.
4. It is expected that this individual is aware of, understands and is fully supportive of the doctrines and beliefs of CCC.

1. This position will report directly to the Lead Pastor.
2. This position has the responsibility of working responsibly within an established budget.
3. This position has the responsibility of working independently, but in complete alignment with the Church vision, mission, and strategies.
4. This position should be capable of working independently and determine which issues need support from the supervising Pastor or others.
5. This position will operate according to the current Camarillo Christian Church Employee Handbook and established policies and procedures.

This will be either a full-time salaried pastor/director position or two part-time 20-25 hours per
week early childhood and elementary pastor/director positions.

A minimum of a BS degree in Child Development or a related field is highly preferred.


Matt Agnew

[email protected]

(805) 482-3116


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