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Choir Director – Maineville, Ohio

Church Name: Maineville United Methodist Church

Location: Maineville, Ohio

Job Description:

Major duties:
1. Actively recruit choir members. Train/rehearse the choir on Wednesday evenings or as scheduled.
2. Rehearse with choir prior to worship service on Sunday mornings.
3. Direct choir for special music during the Sunday worship service and lead congregational singing as needed.
4. Select and purchase music for music library per set budget and on church’s account.
5. Be present during all Sunday and special services when the choir is performing.
6. Ability to play the guitar or keyboard is preferred.
7. The choir director would organize and keep the choir music in an orderly fashion.

Minor Duties:
1. Work with children, if needed, to prepare for special programs, such as Easter and Christmas.

This is a part-time position.

Job Qualification 

Choir Director should have passion, gifts, skills, and talent in vocal music, with some experience in leading small vocal groups. Education in a music degree program or some training in vocal music directing is preferred. Familiarity with various types of church music (traditional, hymns, and contemporary), proficiency in leading/directing a wide genre of music, ability to develop singers of all levels, and demonstration of Christian character are required. Good people skills, communication, coordination, and reliability for practices and Sunday services are additional basic requirements.


Douglas Moore

[email protected]


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