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Director of Praise Service- Hamilton, OH

Church Name: The Presbyterian Church

Location: Hamilton, OH

Job Description:

Select musical sets and arrangements that complement the sermon, showcase individual talent and connect with the congregation.
Be sensitive to congregational participation/feedback and conduct internal periodic assessments through observation and discussion.
Establish performance and rehearsal schedules that do not limit the opportunity for volunteers to participate in this and other church music programs.
Hold instrumentalists and singers to a high-performance standard and look for ways to create a common rehearsal time.
Organize and distribute music in a timely fashion that provides a platform for efficiency and organization.
Plan and/or organize the technical set-up and music necessary for efficient rehearsals and performances.
Organize visual presentations that enhance congregational participation and the message of the day.
Participate as needed in a manner that supports the total praise team’s efforts and talents.
Acquire substitutes for necessary positions as needed.
Continue to look for ways to grow the praise service and recruit new singers and instrumentalists for the praise band.
Utilize the College Worship Program to incorporate younger members into the praise service.
Work closely with the Traditional Music Director in planning any united worship services and worship experiences. (Annual Meeting, Ash Wednesday, etc.)
Plan and direct the praise service each Sunday of the year, along with the major religious holidays the include Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter, as needed.


The ability to recruit, retain, and assemble musicians that support the design of a praise service.
The ability to select and organize music and media for the necessary components involved in a praise service.
The knowledge of instruments and the ability to perform which helps to support the worship team’s efforts if needed i.e. keyboard, guitar.
The ability to foster supportive relationships and manage diverse skills levels of volunteer instrumentalists and singers.
The ability to be creative in recruitment efforts and always seek ways to “grow” the ministry.


Bill Brunner

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