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Full Time Children’s Minister/Director- Kingston,TN

Church Name: Morrison Hill Christian Church

Location: Kingston,Tennessee

Job Description:

This is a full-time position, and this person is responsible for all children’s ministerial duties for ages birth through 5th grade. The person will train and equip all necessary staff, volunteers, and parents as disciple-makers and work collaboratively with the whole ministerial team to develop and implement a comprehensive spiritual growth pathway for the children, students, adults, and families of Morrison Hill Christian Church.
Job Responsibilities:
• Overseeing all aspects of the Christian education, ministerial, and special activities for young people from birth through grade 5.
• Teaching, organizing and/or creating weekly programs that pursue our church’s goals.
• Enthusiastically participating and coordinating with the whole ministry team to make the children’s program harmonize with all MHCC’s of common goals.
• Overseeing the paid and volunteer nursery staff; includes making recommendations to the board for staffing and policy changes.
• Recruiting, training, and organizing all teachers and ensuring that qualified substitutes are in place whenever necessary.
• Developing, promoting and holding periodic training seminars for teachers and assistants in these age groups
• Planning, organizing, leading, and staffing fun, engaging special events for children that each include a Christian theme or teaching point and/or pursue a strategic goal.
• Selecting, reviewing, and evaluating curriculum materials and educational tools.
• Communicating and publicizing news and special events to the church and parents through various mediums including social media, church bulletin, and pamphlets.
• Following up with children and parents as special needs for shepherding or counseling are identified—and helping their whole families connect with God and other Christians.
• Participate in at least one week at Smoky Mountain Christian Camp.

Personal Attributes
• Keep current with ministry trends through reading, seminars, discussions, and conferences.
• Network with other ministries/organizations to meet the needs of people in our community.
• Continue personal and professional growth through mentoring/coaching relationships.

Primary Goals:
• To create, develop, foster and nurture vision and continuity in the lifelong discipleship journey of our young people.
• To create exciting learning environments for children and students in order to increase their understanding of God’s love for them and encourage a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This may include any ministry that fosters positive spiritual formation environments and engage children and their families where they are.
• To evaluate and discern the effectiveness of any experience so that we are continually evolving and not becoming stagnant in our ministry or approach.
• To nurture, foster and create a safe environment for children, students and their families where they experience the love of God most powerfully through the relationships they build with one another, their parents and with the larger community of faith.
• To support and partner with parents in the spiritual formations of their children, training and equipping them to have discussions with and to teach their children about God’s love for them, what it means to be a follower of Christ and what it means to be part of a community of faith.
• Develop strong servant volunteers and the leadership staff by implementing dynamic recruiting, training, motivating and support systems that will in turn be able to equip young disciples for the service of Christ.
• To Find age-appropriate ways for children, student and adults to join together in service to others, to our community and to the world.

Team Ministry Model:
Morrison Hill Christian Church has committed to a multigenerational approach to ministry, challenging each age group in specific, strategic ways but always keeping a lifelong, deepening, growing discipleship in mind. The Children’s Minister will have a voice and influence in every other ministry as much as possible, and the other ministers will also have a voice in the children’s ministry—especially where all the ministries overlap and build on each other. Not only will the paid staff and elected church leaders work as a united team; the children will be invited into and empowered to participate in the overall life of the church, and their families will be challenged to harmonize their intentional discipleship of their children at home with the programs and groups provided by the church.

About MHCC:
Morrison Hill Christian Church began in 1965 and has an average attendance of approximately 250 people. We strive to be a healthy, God-focused, growing church that makes a local, regional and worldwide impact for Jesus Christ. We focus on families of all ages and place a strong emphasis on youth. MHCC is known for our excellent, creative, God-focused worship and teaching. One of our greatest strengths is that our members minister to one another through classes and small groups. We expect, encourage and train our members to put God first in every area of life so that He receives all the glory due His holy name.


• A mature Christian faith, evidence of the fruits of the Spirit, and a continuing desire for spiritual growth.
• A Bible college graduate with either a degree in Children’s or Student Ministry or a ministry degree and significant work experience in ministry with children, students and families.
• A demonstrated passion and commitment to the spiritual growth of children, students and their families.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to motivate, inspire, equip and encourage others.
• Ability, desire, and commitment to work as a team with the rest of the ministry staff, church leaders, volunteers, and families.


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