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House Parent (Group Care Worker)- Woodburn, IN

Church Name: Woodburn Christian Children’s Home

Location: Woodburn, Indiana

Job Description:

The general responsibility of a house parenting team are all the tasks relating to the spiritual, physical and emotional care of a child. The house parenting team should strive to model a biblical family system while maintaining a firm, fair, kind, warm, understanding, and goal directed family. As stated in Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” The house parents will also be expected to teach Bible studies, participate in treatment teams, perform conflict management, complete weekly/monthly reports, interact with visitors, participate in fundraising, administer first aid, interact with local schools, tutors, and counselors. The house parent’s roles also include but are not limited to transportation, shopping, light facilities maintenance, and helping children with homework. At WCCH house parents are parents to the child, but do not replace his or her biological parents or guardians. House parents live with the children 24/7 with paid time off and extensive respite care. House parenting is more of a calling from God than a job. One must have an innate concern for the wellbeing of the children like their own children. House parents have a strong sense of responsibility, good leadership skills, organized, good recordkeeping, and able to work in close proximity with others (spouse, other adults, and children).


    – Married couple, both must be high school graduates, minimum age of 21 years.
– Members in good standing of a Christian Church.
– Must have a valid driver’s license.
– Must possess a dedication and love for children.
– Be sensitive to the special needs of the children placed at WCCH, including the emotional and physical, and be willing and able to provide a loving, secure and understanding Christian family environment for them.
– Be willing to learn, cooperate and function as a team.
– Prefer higher education in the fields of Human Services, Counseling, Social Work, Education, or Children’s Ministry


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