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Music Pastor – Part Time- Erlanger, KY

Church Name: Erlanger Baptist Church

Location: Erlanger, KY

Job Description:

1. Oversee the directing, planning, and coordinating of the operation and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry, coordinating of the church music ministry with the calendar and emphases of the church.

2. Work with the music and worship staff and music ministry leadership in determining music ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances, and administrative process.

3. Plan and coordinate the congregational worship services of the church and the musical direction and elements of those worship services, under the leadership of the Lead Pastor.

4. Serve as a leader in main worship services giving direction to the congregational singing and the choir, as well as coordinating the other phases of worship.

5. Direct the Worship Choir and oversee other musical ensembles.

6. Supervise and coordinate the work of paid music staff.

7. Conduct regular music staff meetings for the purpose of evaluating and planning the music program.

8. Coordinate the performance schedules of music groups and individuals.

9. Develop an ongoing plan for visitation and enlistment within the music ministry.

10. Prepare and administer the annual approved Music and Worship budget in consultation with the music ministry staff and music ministry leadership.

Additional Responsibilities:

11. Be responsible for order of worship and coordinate the preparation of worship guide.

12. Assist the Senior Pastor with assigned days of hospital visitation and pastoral care.

13. Become and remain informed of denominational goals, emphases, resources, and plans as they relate to the local church and its ministries.

14. Serve on the Church Team Council and other ministry teams as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

15. Perform other duties which may be assigned by the Personnel Ministry Team and/or the Lead Pastor.




Matthew Rasor

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